E Komo Mai

Enso Hawai'i celebrates life, inspired by positive intentions and uplifting actions. 

The enso symbol that represents Enso Hawaii expresses a singular moment when the mind is free, giving room for the spirit to create. Leaving the enso open represents a connection and flow between the inner and the outer; allowing the spirit to breathe in harmony with external existence. It is a symbol that combines duality and oneness, presence and absence, simplicity and the profound.

The photographic imagery discovers and illuminates moments of singular beauty, revealing the clarity that can be found in being present to the natural environment of Hawai'i.  Immersed in the barrel of a wave, within the glow of golden hour, or sitting under a palm tree, there are moments of transcendence; a complete balance of light and dark, open and enclosed, powerful and serene. Time stands still, without thought, and the mind becomes calm, centered and creative.

Our minds are also shaped by our thoughts, both the imagery we envision and the words we think and say. Words are almost like mantras, tools we can use to sculpt our state of mind. Whether it be an inspirational axiom or the name of an epic surf break, these words can be powerfully transformative, focusing our minds and directing our actions towards our highest aims and what we love most. 

Enso Hawai`i invites you to share in this sense of present-moment awareness through a line of products designed with imagery and words that can inspire, uplift and transport.


Aloha!  In Hawaiian, the meaning of words can often be found within root words. In the case of aloha, the root words are:
            Alo: 1. sharing; 2. in the present 
            Oha: joyous affection, joy 
            Ha: life energy, life, breath

Using Hawaiian language grammatical rules, these combined words might be translated literally as, "The joyful sharing of life energy in the present".  It is this intention that inspired my brother, Parker, and I to envision Ensō Hawai’i. We wanted to put our energy towards helping others embrace a life of wellness, connection and joy in the beauty of the present moment.

Parker and I were both athletes throughout our years here in Hawai’i, and college years at UCLA. Parker was on the development path for the USA National Volleyball team and I was a part of the UCLA championship water polo team. Building physical strength and maintaining physical health was a primary focus in our lives.

As a result of the constant pounding involved in rigorous volleyball training, Parker injured his spinal cord and had to have back surgery. This injury, as well as knee and hand injuries, ended his volleyball path and began his 10+ year pain relief journey. This led to yoga, acupuncture, float tanks, meditation, natural supplements, spinal treatments, spiritual quests and, unfortunately, prescription and non-prescription pain management “medications”. Parker put his all into natural healing.  However, the pain was so persistent that he also became addicted to synthetic drugs. Despite his healing efforts and involvement in drug treatment programs, these synthetics took his life in September 2017.  

Parker and I were best friends. We also became business partners and envisioned a purpose that could help others heal, find peace and be inspired. We wanted to use both of our individual strengths to “inspire, uplift and transport” others to a life of wellness, presence and gentle awareness; a life of kindness, peace and Oneness.

We began making this dream a reality through my focus on art. I create large, painterly style photographic images that can bring an uplifting energy to a space. As this Ensō Hawai’i website showcases, I also created a line of canvas bags with images of singular moments of natural island beauty. Finally beyond the time-intensive obligations of drug-treatment, Parker had begun investing his time and energy into supporting this business. As he grew stronger, the intention was to build a fund for other inspirational products, a wellness center and wellness-focused retreats offering the natural treatments that had helped him. He wanted to give back and pay forward all the kindnesses and support that so many people had extended to him throughout the ups and downs of his life.

Now, more than ever, I can feel Parker’s true being, unobstructed by his physical pain, by my side, urging me on towards fulfilling that vision of inspiring, uplifting and supporting others on their journeys towards wellness and present moment awareness. I can hear the excitement in his voice as he exclaimed countless times, “We can do this!” We can all do this- Be in the present, joyfully sharing life energy in the present.

Aloha on your journey,
CJ Smith 
Co-founder Ensō Hawai’i 

Purpose driven

Our mission is to give people, one person at a time, the ability to carry the beauty of Hawai'i wherever they go!

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Astonishing our society, partners, investors, customers, and vendors!

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Upholding the values of Hawai'i embodied by fellowship and gratitude.